Established in 1989 with two associates, Nicolas Mercier opened his first restaurant in Quebec City at age 23. With the success of the first, the partnership opened a second restaurant few years later.

After 10 years of success, Nicolas sold his partnership interest with the intent of establishing a restaurant in the United States. After an extensive search for locales where his talents would be appreciated, Nicolas and his wife, Nathalie Savoie, decided on Naples. U.S.S Nemo was opened in 2000.

Meet the Business Owner: Nicolas Mercier.

Nicolas Mercier is a native of Montreal, Canada and became interested in the culinary arts as a youth through his mother’s passion for cooking. His restaurant experience began at an early age, rising to positions of increasing responsibility.

Nicolas’ skills are the result of opportunities to work under the great chefs of Canada, as well as dedication to improving his knowledge. But his success is mostly due to his love of cooking, a desire for perfection and discriminating taste. His cuisine is flavorful and has a personality of its own.

Nicolas and Nathalie, a very important partner in the business, live in Naples with their daughter and son.