Happy New Year! All of us at USS Nemo are excited about 2016. We look forward to another stellar year of growth and serving our customers the finest seafood in Naples, FL. Nothing is more satisfying than serving delicious, gourmet seafood dishes to satisfied customers. That is what defined 2015 for Nemo restaurant, and that is what we intend to do in 2016 – only more so!

aquatic themed restaurant in naples

As the year gets underway, Nemo restaurant has its own set of resolutions. We’re absolutely determined to follow them, and you, the customer, will be the greatest beneficiary! Here are some resolutions for 2016 from one of the best restaurants in Naples, FL.

Resolution 1: We Will Work as Hard as Necessary

Everything from the gourmet menu items to the international wine and cocktail lists have been developed with love and precision. Even the decorations in Nemo restaurant are deliberate; the intricately decorated interior of the restaurant has been carefully crafted to give the sensation of being in a luxury submarine.

This degree of excellence doesn’t come easily. It takes work to be one of the best seafood restaurants in Naples. Take, for example, our recent battle with, and victory over, one of our signature dishes: our famous miso-broiled fish.

It took months to develop the perfect recipe for our famous miso-broiled fish. Executive chef Nicolas Mercier had a vision for this dish. He knew how it should look, taste, and feel. The trouble was, the dish just would not come out the way he envisioned it. It was not bad; it just was not good enough for the best restaurants in Naples. It stayed off the menu.

Chef Nicolas would not give up. Then, one time while preparing the dish, he accidentally switched the amounts of two of its ingredients, and voila! The dish was just as he’d imagined it, and worthy of being placed on the menu. It is now known as Nemo’s famous miso-broiled fish, available with sea bass or salmon. The dish has a citrus-ginger butter sauce and comes with steamed rice, asparagus, and carrot tempura.

Resolution 2: We Will Support Your 2016 Resolutions

Nemos knows customers come first, and we support your 2016 resolutions!

Resolution 3: We Will Let Our Passion Shine Through

Fine dining is a matter of passion. Customers need to feel that passion every time they visit the best restaurants in Naples. In 2016, USS Nemo will strive to let passion shine through. These are some of the ways we hold ourselves to the highest standards of cooking and service.

Again, Happy New Year from all of us at USS Nemo! Together, let’s make 2016 the best year yet!