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Beyond the Best Seafood in Naples

Beyond the Best Seafood in Naples

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Try USS Nemo signature Sea Bass dish.

USS Nemo Restaurant’s Signature Dish – the Miso-Broiled Seabass

We may tend to brag a little about the excellent seafood we serve the people of Naples Florida. Don’t let our Sea Bass dishes and fine wine collection fool you though. That is not the only reason to come try the best seafood in Naples. There are several reasons why USS Nemo should be your restaurant of choice. (Though the seabass is definitely high on the list.)

You may have pulled into our parking lot and walked across the dry, hard stone. Once you are past our front doors though, you are walking on a beautiful representation of life at sea. From a table next to one of our porthole windows, you can see the wonders of the seven seas. All represented in a style that brings the sea to the modern age in a masterful combination of architecture and design. After all, what good is serving great seafood without the feeling of eating it in the galley of a beautiful seafaring ship?

How does this all come together so perfectly? From the dedication to an idea and the love of an art. Chef Nicolas Mercier doesn’t just cook for the fame and glory of his own restaurant. Cooking runs in his family.

Inspired by his mother to follow the culinary arts, he puts his dedicated and passionate touch into the meals he cooks. Are you in good hands with Nicolas Mercier at the stove? No, you are in the best hands with Nicolas Mercier. Because here you are not just another customer, you are a patron of a delicious art, and a honored guest in his restaurant.

With a love and passion like this, not just anyone can work here. You will be served by employees with a smile on their face, ready to treat you like family. Here at USS Nemo, we don’t just get great reviews because we have some of the best seafood around. It is because we make sure our customers get the best service possible from a staff that knows their art, and how to treat our customers. We don’t aim to simply let you leave with a full stomach. We want you to leave with an experience that will make you want to share it with friends and family.


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