Finally, after a long winter, summer is here. Nothing announces summer like fun, colorful summer cocktails. Whether it’s a cocktail hour for two, a pool party or a special occasion, no summer celebration is complete without a few colorful cocktail recipes.


Cocktail Tools

Before we share recipes for our favorite summer cocktails, there are some of the cocktail tools you will need. You may certainly improvise with what you have on hand if some of the tools listed are not handy. The following tools make mixing up your favorite libation fun and easy:

Cocktail Recipes for Summer Fun

Summer cocktails are fresh and colorful. Many summer cocktails take advantage of the delicious seasonal fruit available. These are a few of our classic favorites:

Exotic Cocktails

If you’re looking for something a little edgier, consider these beat-the-heat quenchers:

Whatever your drink of choice may be, get out there and enjoy summer. Experiment with different fruits, mixers and liquors to make your summer signature drink. Cheers!