Deep sea fishing, also referred to as big game or offshore fishing, is done far away from the shore in waters that are at least 100 feet deep. If you go, you’ll be able to set sail and enjoy a day out on the Atlantic ocean while pushing your fishing skills beyond their previous limit.

To accommodate the rougher environment and bigger fish, a large boat that’s at least 30 feet long is typically used for deep sea fishing. It should be filled with rods and reels designed to catch and bring big game fish aboard.

If you’re looking for a way to experience a new fishing environment in Naples, Florida, you’ll definitely want to give deep sea fishing a try.

Deep Sea Fishing Options: Private Charters and Party Boat Fishing

When you’re planning your deep sea fishing trip, you’ll be able to choose from either a charter or a party boat. Charter boats allow a more private,  personal and customized experience. As a result, they also tend to be more expensive. Your other option is a party boat, which you’ll share with others. If you choose a party boat, you can either take the trip alone or go with a small group.

What Types of Fish Can You Catch by Deep Sea Fishing in Florida?

Deep sea fishing will take you far away from the common shallow-water fish you’d catch from the pier. You’ll get the chance to come across various types of big game fish that live in Naples, Florida, including:

The Benefits of Deep Sea Fishing

While fishing is often thought of as a relaxing recreational activity, deep sea fishing requires a great deal of practice, skill and physical strength — after all, some of these big game fish can weigh a few hundred pounds. You can expect the experience to push you to your limits, providing you with emotional, mental and physical benefits.

Both beginners and experienced fishers will revel in the opportunity to embark on this kind of challenging adventure in a new environment. The deeper waters, environmental conditions and strong fish add excitement and an unpredictable nature to the trip.

Deep sea fishing isn’t always about serious strategy and skill. Fishers often engage in a friendly competition where the winner of the biggest fish takes the jackpot. When you’re done with this trip, you’ll end your day with plenty of memories and experience — and, if you’re lucky, the best catch of the day.

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