fish tacos at USS Nemo Restaurant
Fish Tacos at USS Nemo Restaurant

Going to a fish restaurant in Naples, Florida is almost a given whether you are a local resident who needs a special treat or a visitor who is experiencing Naples for the first time. Because of its location at the water’s edge at the Gulf of Mexico, Naples is a hub for fresh seafood and the best seafood restaurants. And now, Naples is part of the fish taco saga.

While you can get fresh fish and shellfish prepared in a variety of delicious ways, there is one craze that is sweeping Naples. Fish tacos are among the latest dining essentials to make your visit complete.


Fish Tacos: More Than Fast Food

If you are thinking of fish tacos as an extension of Mexican fast food, think again. Fish tacos from a great seafood restaurant are carefully crafted dishes, with every element from seasoning and tortillas to condiments and toppings expertly prepared by the chef. Of course, the fish is fresh-caught.

In Naples, you can can enjoy fish tacos as a gourmet offering, because you can order them at the finest seafood restaurants, such as USS Nemos. Nemos’ restaurant décor brings to mind an under the sea adventure with its submarine porthole windows and studded walls. Yet, the fine china and linens help make it the epitome of casual elegance.


Fish Tacos for Lunch

What better way to break up a day in Naples than with a casual lunch at a fine seafood restaurant? After working up your appetite after a morning at a wildlife sanctuary or museum, you deserve a decadent treat. Fish tacos can fortify you without weighing you down so you and your friends or family can be ready for an afternoon of sightseeing, shopping, or swimming.


Creating the Perfect Fish Taco

Fish tacos from the best seafood restaurant come with your choice of a freshly grilled wheat or corn tortilla and toppings such as crunchy red cabbage, zesty lime, decadent cheese and a sweet and creamy apple salad. Enjoy your taco with our uniquely seasoned Caribbean style rice.

Fish tacos from USS Nemo come with your choice of grilled or blackened fresh fish or shellfish, from lobster and shrimp to mahi-mahi, black grouper, and tuna. If you’re not sure which combinations of seafood and condiments work best, our knowledgeable and friendly wait staff are eager to help you order and dress your fish taco. Just let them know your tastes and whether you want something reliable and familiar or a daring combo. It’s your chance to try a new kind of fish or shellfish or some interesting toppings.


Fish Tacos on a Dinner Date

Love sushi, but can’t imagine passing up fish tacos? Want a fish taco, but don’t want to miss your change to have a full-blown seafood entrée? Try a different chapter in the fish taco saga in the form of won-tacos. They are a unique combination of sushi and taco. Whether you opt for Asian style scallops or spicy tuna with wasabi guacamole, your taste buds are sure to be thrilled.