winter fruits and vegetables

Getting your fill of fruits and vegetables in the winter is important to your overall health. Vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients can help ward off colds and other winter ailments. Anyone can find summer produce in the winter, but why not fuel up on winter fruits and vegetables instead? Here are our top four favorites to enjoy this winter.

    1. Potatoes

      Potatoes are a great cold-season vegetable you incorporate into almost any dish. Known for their versatility and hearty flesh, potatoes come in tons of varieties including white, purple, red and sweet. One of the most common potatoes, the white potato, is sometimes called the “Irish potato” because of Ireland’s potato famine in the 19th century.

      Known for their versatility and hearty flesh, potatoes come in tons of varieties including white, purple, red and sweet. Mash them, oven fry them, dice them, roast them, bake them, grill them or slice them. You can be as creative as you wish. Let potatoes take center stage or plate them as a delicious side dish.

    2. Squash

      Squash is a versatile vegetable choice in the fall and winter months. You will see it hit markets and grocery stores in late September, and it will stay in season through early March. This vegetable will continue to ripen even after it’s picked, so make sure you store all squash in a cool and slightly humid environment such as a basement to help it stay good.

      For instance, create spaghetti with squash for a low-carb pasta alternative that holds up well with a homemade marinara sauce. Other tempting squash varieties include earthy acorn squash and butternut squash. Both have amazing flavors when mashed and mixed with a little butter and light spices.

    3. Pomegranates

      Pomegranates are a winter fruit with a long history. This fruit originated in Iran and India, and archeologists have found the Persians grew and harvested pomegranates as far back as 2,000 BC. Today, pomegranates are grown in the Middle East, Asia, Mediterranean countries and California.

      Pomegranate seeds are tasty, tart and easy to remove from the fruit. First, cut the pomegranate in half and hold it cut-side down over a bowl. Then, tap the pomegranate firmly all around with a wooden spoon. After a few strong taps, the seeds will begin to fall into the bowl. Indulge in pomegranate seeds as a quick snack or add them to smoothies, yogurt or salads.

    4. Apples

      Apples are one of the most well-known fall and winter fruits. They’re grown in over 30 U.S. states, but the top 10 states include New York, Pennsylvania, Washington, Michigan, California and Virginia.

      Different apple varieties provide wonderful opportunities for kitchen experimentation. Apples can easily be incorporated into all dishes from appetizers and entrees to desserts. They also pair well with cheese and nuts as a quick, nutritious snack.

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