Every year, you face the same dilemma when it’s time to purchase presents for your friends and family. What do you get the culinary enthusiast on your gift list?

It’s a common concern among people who feel like they can never find the right gifts for foodies. Fear not, though — there are tons of out-of-this-world, not to mention out-of-the-box, gift ideas for Floridians who crave new culinary experiences. We’re here to help you with an easy-to-follow gift guide for a food-lover that’s foolproof and, best of all, simple.

Eclectic Kitchen Gadgets

Think that food-loving person in your life has all the kitchen gadgetry that’s possible? Feel like there’s nothing new in the world of kitchen “stuff?” Think again! Chances are they don’t have vintage gadgets, which you can find at antique shops, or clever, weird and wonderful trinkets like a chihuahua taco holder. Why waste dollars on yet another garlic press when you can find something snazzy and unique that you’re sure they couldn’t possibly have?

Kitchen Timesavers

We all have the same amount of time, and even the most relaxed cooks like to save up their moments when possible. Thankfully, inventors have come up with some clever tools to shave off seconds and minutes, allowing your favorite cook to spend more time entertaining and eating. What are these amazing treasures that won’t break your budget? How about a butter cutter that puts out the perfect-sized pat every time? Or an appliance that makes a complete breakfast sandwich in an all-in-one setting?

Give New Food Experiences

Your foodie friend from Florida deserves a gift that’s totally unique. That’s why you’re going on a mission to uncover unusual nibbles or regional ones like Callie’s biscuits. For instance, you can use your handy-dandy mobile device or laptop computer to explore those monthly boxed food subscriptions. Many of them provide regular delivery of hard-to-find or interesting ingredients.

Another suggestion is to go to a local Naples supplier of ethnic foods and hunt around for new spices, treats, and delights. Your foodie will never know what hit them, and they’ll be so grateful they might make you a meal.

Get Food-Related Apparel

Does your recipient wear the fact that he’s a wanna-be gourmet chef on his sleeve? Then why not give him a present with sleeves? Think about purchasing funny t-shirts with witty sayings, like this one that rocks the value of kale, one of the most nutritious leafy greens, in a humorous way. Not sure of the size of your special someone? A hat or pair of socks typically is a one-size-fits-all fix.

Food Artwork

Another food-lover possibility is a piece of artwork for the wall. You don’t have to look far online or in a Naples store to come across food-related pictures, sculptures or hangings. Even clocks can be super surprises. At the same time, you don’t have to buy artwork that isn’t functional. Beautifully created cutting boards have a purpose, but they’re also pretty in their own right. This gives them a dual-functionality that makes them winning choices for birthday, holiday, anniversary or other special occasion gifts.

Make Food the Gift

Since your friend or family member loves food so much, why not give them the gift they love most? Think about treating your food-lover to dinner on the town at their favorite restaurant. If you’d rather present them with something material, there’s another way to add dining to the mix.

As a final way to bring a smile with your gift, add a gift certificate for an awesomely delicious seafood restaurant in Naples as the finishing touch. And when you’re purchasing your gift certificate, don’t forget to get one for yourself, too. You deserve it for spending so much time thinking of your food-loving buddy.

Get a Gift Certificate That Won’t Disappoint

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