Picky eating is something that many parents face with their children, and some adults can also experience an aversion to certain foods. Whether you know a picky eater who is a child or an adult, eating out at restaurants with them can pose a challenge. Luckily, you can make the experience more enjoyable with the help of these five tips.

Five Tips for Eating Out With a Picky Eater

Here are five tips to try the next time you’re eating out with a particularly fussy eater:

1. Be an Inspiration

Setting a positive example is an effective way to help a picky eater be more adventurous. When your picky companion sees you excited about trying new menu items, they are more likely to be inspired and want to follow suit.

This is especially true if you are dining with picky children. Children look to adults for guidance on how they should act in certain situations. If your child sees that you have a positive attitude toward trying new foods, they will too.

2. Make Sure There Are Plenty of Menu Options

Before you choose a restaurant, it’s always best to research and find the menu online. With picky eaters, you want to make sure there are a variety of menu options to choose from. In particular, appetizers are an excellent way to introduce new foods since the smaller portions are less intimidating.

3. Give the Picky Eater Some Control

Whenever a fussy eater is involved in the creation of their meal, they are more likely to experiment. They will feel more in control of what they are eating and be more willing to try new and exciting food options.

When eating out, consider restaurants that offer the ability to personalize your meal. You can also choose a buffet or a restaurant where the diner selects the ingredients to create their dish.

4. Encourage Conversation

When dining with picky eaters, keep the conversation going throughout the outing. Asking icebreaker questions or sharing stories helps distract fussy eaters, especially children. When they are in the middle of a lively conversation, they won’t pay as much attention to picking at their food.

5. Dine in a Unique Setting

Choosing a restaurant with a unique atmosphere will often keep the fussy eater more focused on the aesthetically pleasing and creative environment. For example, USS Nemo is an ideal restaurant for picky eaters, and welcomes kids of all ages. You will feel as if you are dining underwater onboard a submarine.

Make a Reservation at USS Nemo

Breaking picky eating habits can often be a challenge and sometimes will involve more than one attempt. The most important thing to remember is not to give up. At USS Nemo, we offer an extensive menu with flavorful options ranging from fish tacos to sirloins. To inspire your picky eater to find their new favorite food, make your reservation today!