We’ve all been faced with the dilemma: should we buy a kitchen gadget? Although it may look amazing and promise to make our lives easier, will it simply leave our pocketbook a bit lighter? If you’re worried about spending too much, you’re in good company. Many people are wondering which kitchen essentials are worth kitchen utensilssplurging on and which are best left on the shelf.

To help you determine how to stock your kitchen, we’ve culled the essentials that are absolutely worth the money:

Worried you have to go out and make these purchases immediately? Slow down! People on a limited budget don’t have to run out and buy all this equipment at once. Instead, wait until you have a little money and upgrade your appliances and kitchen tools one at a time.

Little by little, you’ll build up an amazing kitchen that will have everything you need to whip up outrageously tasty recipes!