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Pick a Great Seafood Restaurant for a Date

Pick a Great Seafood Restaurant for a Date

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tuna entrees available at USS Nemo

Prime tuna entrees on the menu at USS Nemo Restaurant

Where to take your date is a question that can cause hours or days of worry. You want to show your date your best side, and your choice of restaurants is a reflection of your tastes. You want the restaurant to have the right food, décor and service. Search great seafood restaurants in Naples FL to find the perfect choice, since seafood can be the basis of a romantic lunch or dinner. Seafood dishes are varied so both of you can find something you like, and you can also find other options. Now, you need to pick the right restaurant. To find a great seafood restaurant in town for a date, look for one one with an irresistible menu, attentive service and an ambience that lets you get to know each other on a deeper level.

Fish tacos

Fish Tacos at USS Nemo

Gourmet Food Is a Must

The center of a meal is the food, so start by looking at the menu. If you really want to impress your date, find a menu that has a range of choices from familiar, such as seared scallops, to more exotic, such as salmon tartar. Fish tacos, won-tacos, local clams, and Indian-inspired shrimp and mango are other irresistible choices.

Before you commit, check out a few more aspects of the menu. First, ask the restaurant staff whether the seafood is freshly caught. It should be, since Naples is famous for its fresh seafood. Second, check the menu to see whether there are vegetarian and meat entrees…just in case your date decides seafood isn’t quite their thing. Options such as vegetable risotto and miso grilled rib-eye can be as tempting as the seafood offerings.

Keeping It Comfortable

You could feel uninformed on a date if you are not a gourmet chef, but that is not an issue at USS Nemo, where the staff is friendly and attentive. They will never make you or your date feel silly for not knowing which type of fish to order, or which side dish makes the best accompaniment. You, in turn, can feel confident asking staff to recommend the best wine pairing for your meal.

uss nemo aquatic themed seafood restaurant

The ambiance at USS Nemo Restaurant Naples FL
offers a unique dining experience

Avoiding the Awkward Moments

Everyone fears the awkward moments that can happen on a date, and you can try to avoid them by choosing the right seafood restaurant. When you eat at USS Nemo, you can fill in the moments of silence by pointing out the submarine décor, such as porthole windows and gunmetal studded walls. There is always something to look at.

A Flawless Date

You will look like a genius – and worth meeting for another date – if the date goes off flawlessly. Make reservations in advance, and at USS Nemo, you can sit at the right place for the two of you. Eat at The N Counter for a more casual encounter, or reserve dining room or patio seating for a more intimate experience. Not all seafood restaurants are created equal, but going to the right one for a date can have a big payoff.

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