U.S. seafood consumption has always been high in both homes and restaurants. A wide variety of seafood options are available in the country, and these dishes a popular choice in every region.

Enjoy Some of the Most Popular Seafood Dishes in the United States at USS Nemo

At the USS Nemo, we specialize in seafood with personality. Whether you stop by for an appetizer, lunch or dinner, you’ll find that all of our recipes are made fresh and bursting with flavor. Take a look at 10 of the most popular seafood dishes you’ll find on our menu.

1. Corn and Fish Chowder

Our corn and fish chowder is made using fresh fish and clam juice. We add in vegetables and bacon for a hearty and mouth-watering finishing touch.

2. Florida Clams

We have three seasoning options for our Florida clams: “Garlic Lover,” which has a garlic cream infusion, wine and chives; “Provencal,” which has fresh herbs, white wine, tomato and garlic; and “Roquefort,” which has cream, white wine and blue cheese.

3. Sauteed Wild Jumbo Scallops

Indulge in tender wild scallops with saffron-chamomille sauce and charred spring onion.

4. Seafood Ceviche

Our seafood ceviche highlights the tastes of shrimp, snapper and sea bass with the bright flavors of lime, ginger and pineapple.

5. Shrimp Po’ Boy

Our Shrimp Po’ Boy has a shrimp tempura base, which we then top with a savory tarragon remoulade. With fries on the side, you’ll enjoy a casual meal you can’t forget.

6. Classic Crispy Fish Tacos

You can never go wrong with classic crispy fish tacos. We pair our crispy fish with toppings ranging from coleslaw to guacamole and add sour cream for a smooth and creamy finish.

7. Ultimate Salmon Burger

Experience a salmon burger unlike any other at USS Nemo. We handcraft our patty and add complementary avocado aioli and red cabbage coleslaw. The result is a pan-seared burger that pairs perfectly with our sweet potato fries.

8. King Crab

With sesame seed and black pepper butter, our 1/2 pound king crabs will leave you craving more.

9. Grilled 1 1/2 Pound Lobster

If you’re looking for an elegant meal, our grilled lobster will not disappoint. We’ve paired it with braised bok choy and mushrooms as well as a variety of dipping sauces for a savory finish.

10. Tuna

At USS Nemo, you can enjoy your tuna prepared just the way you like it, ranging from flash seared to medium-well. Our seasoning options include East, West and Indian as well as a fresh herb selection with warm goat cheese.

Book Your Reservation at USS Nemo and Enjoy American Seafood Dishes for Lunch and Dinner

At USS Nemo, you’ll find an atmosphere and seafood menu unlike any other in Naples, Florida. Our dishes are freshly and creatively prepared with a Pan-Asian twist. Of course, we also have plenty of sides, drinks and desserts for you to choose from as well, so book your reservation today!

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