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USS Nemo is an award-winning Naples restaurant.  When you’re searching for restaurants in Naples Florida to find “that place” delivering cuisine that leaves you wanting more, we hope you’ll consider USS Nemo Restaurant. USS Nemo is located on US 41 in the Parkshore Centre just south of Park Shore Drive.

Miso-broiled Seabass at USS Nemo is our signature dish.

What’s intriguing about this Naples restaurant…

Well, you might first notice the nautical atmosphere. Since USS Nemo Restaurant is located in a small shopping center, our unique underwater interior may come as a pleasant surprise.   Tastefully done, we themed the restaurant to enhance your dining experience — which by the way, if you are craving fish and seafood (as you might expect from a Naples restaurant) we’ve got that covered.

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USS Nemo is no ordinary fish restaurant.  All of our dishes are created with a gourmet touch, and aside from a wide assortment of seafood entrees, we offer delicious land entrees, appetizers, salads, fish tacos and so much more.   We’ve created a variety of menu selections sure to please every palate.

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So, what more should you know before you head out to restaurants in Naples Florida?  You might want to make a reservation.  At USS Nemo, we accept reservations and we certainly recommend them.

through our easy to use online reservation system

We look forward to seeing you soon!