turkey for thanksgiving or seafood

One of the new seafood trends is its use as a gourmet food, and not just as a health food. Rich in protein, heart-healthy omega-3 fats, and minerals, seafood is also an ingredient or centerpiece of some of the most delicious and decadent dishes today.

In fact, fish and shellfish just might show up on your Thanksgiving table this year, and not just in the form of cocktail shrimp or lobster. They could be in side dishes or the entrée whether you are cooking at home or you opt to visit the best fish restaurant in Naples FL.

Why You Should Have Seafood Dishes For Thanksgiving?

A good Thanksgiving dinner is first and foremost about taste. That in itself is a compelling reason to add fish or shellfish to your menu. Seafood has a distinct taste that enhances the flavor of all kinds of recipes. At the same time, most seafood does not taste strong enough to overwhelm other foods.

Seafood Appetizers and Side Dishes

Fish and shellfish can add variety to your menu throughout the meal. Possible appetizers sure to delight include crab cakes, ceviche, and calamari tempura. You can serve a salad with shrimp or salmon and seasonal ingredients such as dried cranberries, chestnuts, and pecans. Clam chowder and lobster soup make a nice bridge to the main course, where you can include oyster stuffing.

A Seafood Main Course

You can even have seafood as a main course on its own or alongside the traditional turkey. Your health-conscious guests may appreciate the lighter alternative to a heavy turkey, and your foodie guests are sure to appreciate the gesture. You could serve an impressive roasted salmon with cranberry sauce and Dijon mustard, for example, to capture the flavors of the season. With a meal like this, seafood is likely to become  a new holiday tradition.

When You’re Ready to Skip Cooking, Go for Seafood

Some people would rather focus on quality time with family and friends during Thanksgiving, and not slave away in the kitchen. If that describes you, USS Nemo is ready to cook, serve, and clean up while you relax and enjoy delicious seafood dishes. The best seafood restaurant in Naples, Florida may be your ticket to the stress-free Thanksgiving you’ve always wanted.

You can also consider going to the best fish restaurant in Naples, Florida, another time during the Thanksgiving weekend. USS Nemo Restaurant is the ideal showpiece if you are hosting out-of-town guests or are coming from out of town yourself. You can also drop by as a special treat to celebrate all that you are thankful for, and to find something else – delicious seafood – to be grateful for.

Later in the holiday weekend, you may not be able to face either another leftover turkey sandwich or spending more time in the kitchen. For lunch or dinner, you can always choose the best fish restaurant in Naples. You are sure to find something new and different on the menu to excite your tired taste buds once more.