Freshly caught and cooked fish can be one of the most delicious, satisfying, and gourmet treats you can choose. It is even one you can feel good about, since it is low-carb, high in protein, and among the best sources of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

The devil, as it so often is, is in the details. You already know this if you are a fish aficionado. If you are not yet a diehard fan, it may be because you have not tasted perfectly cooked fish. There is an art to cooking fish so it is flaky, light, and moist, and not dried out. All fish deserves to be cooked perfectly, but freshly caught fish may be even more deserving of this treatment. Of course, the best seafood restaurant Naples Florida knows the art of cooking fish.

Halibut as an entree at USS Nemo Restaurant

Start with the finest ingredients

Ideally, you select fresh meats from the butcher, and freshly picked fruits and vegetables from a farmers’ market or store that stocks local produce. Fish is no different. You are starting off on the wrong foot if you use old or previously frozen and thawed fish. You already know the value of fresh fish if you were lucky enough, as a child, to go fishing and fry and eat the fish straight from the river or sea.

We are fortunate here to be near many species of fish that are abundant and caught daily. To be sure you are getting fresh fish, go to USS Nemo, a fish restaurant Naples Florida that serves locally caught seafood whenever possible.

Delicate attention makes the perfect fish

There is some science to cooking fish. For example, it takes about 10 minutes per inch of thickness if you are baking the fish, and you can throw it on the barbeque for a few minutes to crisp it up. But how do you know exactly how long to cook it? Anyone who has burned their fish or dried it out knows there is an art. Perfecting that art takes practice and skill.

Add the right flavorings and accompaniments

Fish is often good on its own or relatively plain with lemon, olive oil, pepper, and salt. You can also jazz it up with marinades and glazes. Make it spicy with jalapenos and chili, add herbs such as thyme or cilantro, and try alternative acids such as red wine vinegar. Once you’re done grilling, you have the perfect solution for your summer party on your outdoor deck or patio.

Help is available right in Naples Florida!

Cooking your seafood and the rest of the meal yourself and decorating your home for group of guests is not the only way to get the perfectly cooked fish in a nice atmosphere. Instead, you can come to come to the best fish restaurant Naples Fl. for a gourmet meal in an upscale but relaxed vibe. USS Nemo takes you under the sea in a luxurious manner, with our submarine décor that includes porthole windows and gunmetal studded walls along with linen tablecloths and food served on fine china.


We are eager to welcome you to USS Nemo, where everyone in your party can choose his or her own favorite freshly cooked fish from our menu selections ranging from scallop or salmon tartar won-tacos and pepper jelly crispy calamari tempura appetizers to fresh herbs grilled tuna, lobster pappardelle pasta, and grilled Florida Keys hogfish entrees. For those who aren’t into seafood, we offer chicken, beef, and even vegetarian entrees.

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