Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate everything from romance to friendship. At USS Nemo, we take great pleasure in offering a special Valentine’s Day menu to brighten your February. Each tantalizing dish is prepared using the finest, freshest ingredients to ensure that each bite is memorable. Choose the appetizer, entrée and dessert that suits your mood, then get ready to indulge.

Appetizer: Grilled Portuguese Octopus or Miso Pan-Seared Eggplant

Never tried octopus before? You might be surprised. Many people mistakenly believe octopus has a rubbery texture. However, when grilled to perfection, octopus is tender and easy to chew. Octopi have a unique flavor that many people consider akin to lobster. Portuguese octopus is considered some of the best in the world, coming from the waters of that European nation.

If a vegetarian appetizer better fits your taste leanings, our pan-seared eggplant is a fantastic option. Again, eggplant has a reputation for being challenging to cook. This is only true for novices in the kitchen. At USS Nemo, our chefs understand how to bring out the richness of eggplant’s natural tenderness and flavor. Miso is made from seasonings and fermented soybeans, resulting in a splendid partnership with the eggplant.

Entrée: Miso-Broiled Sea Bass or Miso-Glazed Tofu

As soon as you taste sea bass, you’ll be hooked on its buttery, mild flavor. Ironically, the richness belies an incredibly nutritious protein source. Sea bass is a great source of Vitamin D, and it’s a food you can feel great about ordering especially if you are trying to stay trim. Enhanced by miso, our broiled sea bass will leave you savoring every forkful.

For those seeking a vegan alternative to sea bass, we present our miso-glazed tofu. When prepared correctly, tofu has a hearty texture that satisfies the palate as well as the appetite. We’ve chosen to glaze our high-quality tofu with miso to enrich this entrée. One bite will show you just how decadent a vegetarian meal can be.

Dessert: Chocolate Decadence or Crème Brûlée

What would a Valentine’s Day meal be without a sweet ending? For chocolate connoisseurs, only the purest cocoa products will do. That’s why the USS Nemo chocolate decadence features chocolate made from 73 percent cocoa. This high level of cocoa ensures an intensely dark, chocolaty flavor. You’ll understand at once why “decadence” is part of this dessert’s name!

Crème brûlée is a longtime dessert favorite. The smooth interior of the heady custard mingles delightfully with the caramelized sugar topping the dish. You’ll be transported to the French countryside, the origins of this flavorful treat.

Beverage: Your Choice

Beverages should enhance all meals, including your Valentine’s Day selections. While we recommend pairing any of the abovementioned plates with a sparkling rosé, you may wish to substitute a different wine, cocktail or non-alcoholic beverage.

Why stay at home on Valentine’s Day when you can join us at USS Nemo for a meal to remember? Make plans to visit us and embrace love-inspired cuisine at our award-winning Naples, Florida restaurant.