Dinner dates have always been a popular way for couples to spend some time together in a social environment. If you choose or agree to a romantic dinner, you’ll be able to enjoy a delicious meal while getting to know your prospective partner’s personality, characteristics, morals and interests. While these kinds of dates are exciting, they can also be stressful — especially if you’re unsure of the proper dating dinner etiquette.

To help, we’ve put together a few basic etiquette tips as well as some dos and don’ts regarding what to order on your first date.

First Date Etiquette

Whether you’re dining at a casual or upscale restaurant, you should follow a few general etiquette guidelines:

Menu Dos and Don’ts on a Dinner Date

Before you pick up the menu for dinner on your first date, be sure to keep these dos and don’t in mind.

What to Order on a Date

While you should go with your gut and be yourself on a first date, a few pointers might help ease your nerves. For the smoothest sailing, try ordering:

What Not to Order on a Date

Now that you know the good options, you may want to steer clear of:

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